Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Sister Stacey's Bridal Shower June 12, 2010

I was so happy that when I was in California I was able to attend my sister Stacey's Bridal Shower. Living in Texas I usually miss out on parties like this so it was nice to be a part of it. My mom threw the shower and the theme was "Breakfast at Tiffany's" it was a fun party!

It is funny how much we have started to look alike as we have gotten older.

My Crazy Sister... she is Hilarious!!!

Greg's daughter Audrey was tired.

Stacey playing the cottonball game

Stacey with her mother-in-law to be Karen

4 generations

Jazlynn loved all the jewelry (she got to swim during the shower and was happy!)

The "bride to be" practicing her wave

Aunt Konnie, Grandma Eva, Valerie and Audrey

Stacey and Mom

My mom did a great job with all the decorations... it was really pretty!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Brandon's High School Graduation and Party

We left a few days before school was out and headed to California for Brandon's High School Graduation! Jared came a few days later and stayed for a few days. It was the first time my kids had seen Dad since he was diagnosed with Leukemia and they were a little shocked to see him with no hair! It was weird to see my little brother graduate from the same school that my dad and I graduated from. It made me feel old. My mom was a little sad because it was her last baby graduating. A few days later we had a party for Russell and Brandon... it was a blast!!

Mom and Grandma Lois were both sad... Brandon is their little baby.

Jaydon had fun!

Four Generations... Great-Grandma Lois, Red-Head Grandma, Uncle Brandon and Jaydon

Mom, Dad, Grandma and Brandon (my dad was in the hospital for 30 days and got out a day before this... he was a trooper!)

Our family... minus Greg, he was on his way but stuck in traffic!!

Mom, Dad and Brandon (Dad was a little grumpy from sitting for so long)

My little brothers.

Brandon, C.J. and myself... I love these boys!!!

Jaydon thinks of Brandon as his Big Brother... he idolizes him!!!

Brandon and Russell have been friends since they were 3 and are still the best of friends. (I babysat Russell when he was a little boy!!)

Brandon with Baby Michael

Brandon and Olivia (aren't they cute?)

C.J. being himself (do I need to say more?)

Michael Roman my nephew almost 6 months old.

Brandon and Olivia at his and Russell's Graduation party.

Mom, Bonnie and myself went through old pictures and printed up some great ones of the boys over the years it was great to remember them being so little and amazing that they are still such great friends.

My granparents have a HUGE barn that they keep their wagons in and we were able to have the party in there. Here is the main group. There was close to 75 people there.

Brandon with some of his Buddies.

My bestest friend Melanie came down to see me... made me SO happy!!!

My cousin Jenna and her son Brandon.

Diva Taylor showing off her glasses.

Greg and Cousin Charlene... if you only knew you would be laughing!!!

My grandparents with all their Great-Grandkids!!

My grandparents with their Grandkids. (minus Chris, Holly and C.J.)

The Riebli's came down from Idaho and it was SO good to see them!!!

My father's side of the family (minus uncle Gerry)

Back on the Saddle/June 2010

Ok... I have been a slacker.... I admit it. Well I am determined to get back on the saddle and get my blog going again! So the next few posts are going to be of previous months but I have to get it done!
Janae's Kindergarten Graduation June 2010
Janae was in Mrs. Howe's class and had a great year in Kindergarten! She made so many new friends and really did well!

The theme was "Reach for the Stars"

Here is her classes' stars

BFF's Brooklyn and Janae

Mommy and Janae

Lauren, Brooklyn, Barbara and Janae

Mrs. Howe's 2009-2010 Class

Friday, July 23, 2010

Riebli Family Pictures June 2010

For the first time in a couple years, all my brothers and I were in the same place at the same time. My little brother Brandon graduated from high school on June 3rd so we all got together to celebrate and spend some time together. On June 8th my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary so we decided that we needed to get some pictures taken. The same photographer that took Jared and my wedding pictures 11 years ago took these and I think they turned out great!

The Riebli Grandchildren

Jaydon, Janae, Lacey, Jazlynn, Taylor, Audrey and Michael

The Davis Family-Jared, Jeni, Jaydon, Janae and Jazlynn

The Riebli Family- Greg, Valerie, Lacey, Taylor and Audrey

The Riebli Family

Mom, Dad, Jeni, Greg, C.J. and Brandon

The Riebli Kids- Jeni, Greg, C.J. and Brandon

Mom and Dad

25 years together

Red-Head Grandma and Papa Stevie with their grandchildren

The Riebli family and their spouses

The Riebli Family and Grandma Lois

The Riebli Family- C.J., Angie and Michael

The Davis Family

Dad in his favorite hat... classic

The Riebli Family with Grandpa and Grandma Riebli

The Riebli Family with Grandpa and Grandma Riebli and Grandma Lois

The Riebli Family- Carl, Catherine, Mike, Steve, Gerry and Debbie

The Riebli Family- Carl, Catherine, Mike, Steve, Gerry and Debbie